- William Mulholland, from the opening ceremony of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, 1913

Originating in the snowpack of the Eastern Sierra Nevadas, over 300 miles from Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Aqueduct is a vital yet often unseen part of Angelenos’ daily lives. In an attempt to connect the mostly hidden waterway from the people it serves, the first and last images concentrate on Californians’ interaction with water at both ends of the Aqueduct. The images in between show the Aqueduct at various stages of its route, as it meanders through intakes, concrete channels, and ultimately— 175 miles outside the Los Angeles City limits—disappears into piped infrastructure, emerging and reconnecting with the community in such forms as swimming pools, fountains, garden hoses, and faucets. 

This series of images was originally commissioned by Jon Christenson for Boom: A Journal of Southern California.



After the Aqueduct, Group Show, LACE, Los Angeles, California
March 4-April 12, 2015






All images copyright © Chad Ress 2016